first of the “firsts”

Tonight was only the first of all of the “firsts” to come this year. It was the first meeting, of the semester, of the Mount Union chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). Tonight was also my first night as president of PRSSA. I have to admit I was a little bit nervous. My hands were shaking and my heart was pounding uncontrollably. I have been planning this meeting for a few weeks now, in hopes that this year PRSSA will be an organization that students are excited to join and take part in (as it has been rather non-existent at Mount Union in the past).

I have begun to set up a few events for the group that I am really excited about. One of those events is a trip to the Quicken Loans Arena. The group is to talk to a PR professional, employed by the Q, receive a tour of the building, and stay for a Cleveland Cavaliers’ basketball game. I have also arranged for Ryan Collins, senior PR fanatic at Kent State University, to come speak in November. Ryan is extremely passionate about the public relations field, taking advantage of every possible opportunity presented to him. I am looking forward to hearing all about his experiences.

I was a bit disappointed with the turn out at tonight’s meeting. I ordered a cookie cake (yum, right?!), planned a game activity, bought candy as prizes for the winners and printed newsletters (30 to be exact, which was about 25 too many). However, the students that did show up provided great feedback and expressed how excited they were to get involved with PRSSA. I realized tonight that whether there are four or 24 students involved, the fact that they are enthusiastic and looking to make the most out of this experience is all that matters. My roommates were super excited that only a few students showed though because that meant A LOT of extra cookie cake left over for them!


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