my weekend

Tailgating, photo shoots, lattes, horses.. this weekend was one of the best that I have had at Mount Union. I had so much fun with the girls!

Friday night was the Mr.UMU pageant. Many organizations on campus had a male representative in the competition, where they competed for a cash prize and the title of “Mr.UMU 2012.” The guys went through formal wear, Mount Union gear, swim wear, talent and question and answer sections and there was some tough competition! From stand-up comedy to serenading to choreographed dances, the boys of Mount Union brought down the house.

The act that made all the ladies blush was that of the Exercise Science Club Representative Chase, and “his boys,” who gave a risque performance to “It’s Raining Men.” The act involved twirling umbrellas, dance floor activity and half-naked back up dancers… and we’ll leave it at that.

Saturday was the homecoming football game. I tailgated with Tia, Meg, Em and her family. The night before, Tia and I made Milky Way Salad (recipe found here.. i accidentally bought milky ways instead of snickers, whoops!). After tailgating we went to the football game. I have to admit, I found myself watching the cheerleader’s dances and chants more than the football game. However, I did love that the football players were sporting pink gear in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! After half time we went to a photo booth that Mount set up and took pictures!

Later that evening, Emily and I went horseback riding! We grabbed White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Lattes on the way there (fall heaven, by the way). Although it was a bit chilly, I layered up and had so much fun! My horse’s name was Jilly. She was very slow and insisted on eating the grass about every ten steps she took.. but I decided that I’d rather have a gentle horse than a jumpy one!

Sunday I had to make up for the weekend and spend a few hours in the library working on a midterm essay and study guides, but the fun weekend was worth it!


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