Although I am sad that fall break has come to an end, I am so excited for the drive back to Mount Union since Taylor Swift’s new album “Red” was released today! Laur and I made a trip to Target in order to get the deluxe version of “Red,” which includes six additional songs. I immediately tore open the wrapper so we could listen to the CD on the way home, but the 15 minute drive just didn’t cut it. I can’t wait to get on the road, making the trip back to school, so I have a full 50 minutes to jam out to Tay’s new hits. Tomorrow morning’s drive will be perfect to grab an iced latte, see the gorgeous fall scenery and listen to “Red” on the highest volume possible.

Taylor Swift truly has the most sincere heart and I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful role model to look up to and be inspired by daily. Her songs are so relatable and inspirational. I know, I know.. while she sings her heart out on stage at sold-out concerts, I can’t even hold a tune singing a long in the car. I live in Ohio and she travels around the world, sipping lattes in Paris and eating sushi in Japan. She’s dated the boys that I have posters of on my bedroom walls (guilty.. but who could resist Taylor Lautner?!). However, Taylor goes through ups and downs, love and heartbreaks, happiness and disappointments; just like all girls do.

P.S. I am apologizing in advance since I will most likely be “that annoying girl” blaring T.Swift’s new album all day, every day.


Dear Hannah...

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