friday five

[Taylor Swift notebook I came across at an unexpected stop at Walgreens]

The first week back from fall break flew by! This week was full of exciting surprises (many made this week’s “Friday Five”). On Wednesday I got a surprise package from Laur, with a “love” bracelet inside. I absolutely love it! Laur is always thinking of others and doing things to make them happy.

Thursday it was 80 degrees outside! I tried to enjoy every second of the sun since snow flurries are on the forecast for next week. After working out at the MAAC, I remembered that I had a free smoothie coupon to use at the B&B cafe on campus, since I completed a survey online. I was extremely excited and got a “Paradise” smoothie.. strawberry, mango and peach. It was perfect after a good work out and the warm weather. Thursday also meant new Vampire Diaries and Grey’s Anatomy episodes, and Taylor Swift was on the Ellen Show.. two of my favorite people! It was such a good day.

This weekend I am throwing a little Halloween party for some friends! I am always up for any get-together that involves balloons, hot apple cider and games, so I am pretty excited. I also plan to spend a full day catching up on my “fun reading.” I absolutely love reading and it’s hard to find time to do so with all of the homework, studying and reading for class. However, this weekend I am determined to make time to relax and read the new book I just bought (seen here), which is said to be a must read if you love The Hunger Games, which I do!

Happy Friday!

[I was in a sugar coma for the duration of fall break, but the pumpkin iced donut was well worth it!]

[Loving denim and floral for fall]

[My new favorite bracelet I received from my sister]

[Paradise smoothie]


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