no tricks, just treats

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Happy Halloween!

Instead of going out this year, my friends and I decided to switch things up and have a Halloween party of our own. Since I am considering event planning as a future career, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to get some practice! So, I told them to sit back and relax and I began the planning process. As a college student on a tight budget, I had to get creative for decorations and Halloween treats, but in the end I think everything worked out great.

I bought orange and black balloons and made signs on the computer for decorations. Of course, we had mulled hot apple cider, which was perfect on the cold, rainy night. I used old frappuccino bottles for our cider and decorated them with black and white ribbon to make them a bit more festive. In order to get some inspiration for Halloween treats, I turned to Pinterest. I fell in love with the cute nutter butter cookies turned ghosts and wanted to try them right away. I ended up making white chocolate covered pretzels as well (both treats found here). They were simple to make and perfect to snack on.

The ghosts and pretzels were both huge hits at the party! However, the ghosts were my personal favorite. Not only were they adorable.. I mean uhh spooky?.. but they were yummy as well. I am now trying to find a reason to justify why I would make these ghosts for any other occasion, since I don’t want to wait until next October to try them again! Hmm.. maybe we can celebrate the Chinese Ghost Festival from now on? My friends Emily and Maggie also brought graham crackers and delicious pumpkin dip that they made!

During the party we played Halloween Bingo, with Reese’s Pieces as bingo markers (beware: purchasing a big bag of the candy may be necessary since the “markers” just magically seemed to disappear throughout the game.. whoops!). There were even prizes for the first three winners: Reese’s Pumpkins, everyone’s favorite!

We ended the night by piling into the living room and popping in the horror movie “Prom Night.”

Everyone had so much fun at the Halloween party and we are already planning  future holiday get-togethers. You don’t need a lot of money to have fun. Even without any of the treats or decorations, I am sure that I would have had just as much fun with the wonderful group of friends that I am so blessed to have found at Mount Union.

I hope everyone’s day is filled with no tricks.. but plenty of treats!


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