friday five

[An inspirational quote I heard at the CMA conference in Chicago]

This week was hectic and a bit overwhelming, but it was expected as the final weeks of the semester are winding down. This Wednesday Ryan Collins (see his site here), a senior PR student from Kent State University, came to speak to the PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) chapter at Mount! A few months back I happened to stumble across Ryan’s blog, and two hours later I realized I was still reading through his posts. So, as President of PRSSA, I contacted Ryan and asked him to come speak to our group on his PR experience. He is extremely involved on campus and spoke to us about internships, leadership roles, networking and more.

Ryan’s three main tips for success were to:

  1. Study abroad (in order to learn independence and about other cultures)
  2. Intern as much as possible (hands on, real-life experience is very beneficial)
  3. Create a professional online presence (blogging is extremely recommended)

Before he left, Ryan stated “I believe all of you can be considered rock star PR students.” I know many students walked away inspired and motivated to get involved on campus and take advantage of every opportunity possible.

This weekend I am planning on getting a jump start on final projects for class, meeting up with my sister for a girl’s night and working on yearbook pages for The Unonian.

Happy Friday!

[A spontaneous trip at midnight to the Cheesecake Factory with my friend Megan]

[The sweet note waiting for me when I returned to Mount, from my roommates]

[The PRSSA officers with Ryan]

[The free Mount hoodie I received for participating in a video for the Marketing Office!]


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