friday five

  • August: School begins and you are filled with excitement and hope for the new school year. You haven’t seen many of your friends since last May and you can’t wait to catch up, set bi-weekly Panera dates, and get back into your routine of DQ trips and re-runs of Friends every Thursday night. You have a new set of classes and are ready to kick some serious butt this semester. You’re pulling out all the stops. You won’t even be able to see the fridge after your parents hang up all of your A+ papers and exams.

Flash forward…

  • November: IT’S BEEN MONDAY FOR THREE WEEKS NOW! ..or so it seems. You can hear the second hand on the clock ticking in class and your notebook is full of doodles of stars and your name, written in every possible way (cursive, print, dotted, block… and the list goes on). You find that your bestie, the one you couldn’t wait to catch up with, is annoying you to no end.. just because he/she dropped a few crumbs of their Special K bar near you on the desk. You’ve exchanged cramming for tests for cramming popcorn in your mouth while watching Modern Family. When will the semester end?!

This semester flew by; however, the week leading up to Thanksgiving break seems to be dragging on.. and on.. and on. Seeing Christmas commercials on TV is making everyone anxious for the end of the semester and extremely ready for the holidays. I know I am personally counting down the days until I can forget about exams and curl up on the couch to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with my sister (a yearly tradition).

However, we all have to hang on just a little bit longer! So, here are some tips to survive the rest of the semester..

  1. Set aside at least one night a week for “me” night: no studying, no assignments, just you and your favorite show/book/friend (and possibly your favorite late night snack as well).
  2. Get organized: the end of the semester can be so overwhelming with final exams and projects approaching, so write all important dates down and tackle your assignments based on when they are due!
  3. Make plans: speak with family and friends about fun activities to do over the holidays (ice skating anyone?!). Having something exciting to look forward to can sometimes be all the motivation you need to tackle that final group presentation or class speech.

And, as always, here are five things that made this week just that much better…

[Menchie’s date with my sister]

[Confirmation for ordering Red Tour concert tickets!!!! :)]

[What I thought was my long lost ring was found in the Writing Center]

[A trip home for the evening to celebrate my brother’s birthday!]

[My visa arrived this week, reminding me I have less than two months left in the US]

Happy Friday!


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