friday five

[Huge polar bear (my favorite animal) at Anthropologie]

It is officially the Christmas season! While others are out braving Black Friday traffic, fighting through aggressive crowds and tackling their way to the best deals, I will be preparing for Christmas in my own way. Now that Thanksgiving is over (although the leftovers will last for days.. or weeks), it’s time to put away the fall leaves and pumpkin spice candles in exchange for twinkling lights and evergreen aroma. This Friday evening I plan on slipping into sweats, grabbing a peppermint cappuccino, turning up NSYNC’s Christmas album all the way and getting the house “Christmas ready” with mom. Although I loved watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – did everyone see the Fierce Five gymnasts on one of the floats!? Love those girls! – I am so excited for all of the Christmas festivities that are soon to come (decorating gingerbread houses, going ice skating, picking out a Christmas tree… and the list continues).

Throughout this week, I noticed that there are so many simple holiday pleasures. Even the smallest things make me love the holidays that much more, such as the huge polar bear display I came across on a shopping trip with my sister. I hope everyone finds even the tiniest bit of holiday happiness this weekend.

Happy Friday!

[The return of white fudge oreos for the holidays]

[The cutest polar bear car freshener my sister, Lindsey, surprised me with :)]

[FINALLY acceptable to break out the Christmas music again]

[Festive holiday packaging everywhere you go]


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