friday five

[My baby cousin, Ava, on her first Thanksgiving]

This week flew by. Mount students have one more week of class and then finals are here. Winter break is in reach!

Besides attempting to complete the immense school work load piled on towards the end of the semester, I made sure to make time for a little bit of fun and friends. Earlier in the week, my friend, Tia, stopped over and we lit Christmas candles, turned up the holiday station on Pandora and set to work making snowflakes to decorate the apartment. I also made a trip to Belden Village to do some Christmas shopping with my friend Emily! I absolutely love when the stores are all decorated for the holidays. It makes Christmas shopping so much fun.

This weekend I plan on babysitting, finishing up my Christmas shopping, decorating the Christmas tree at home with my family, and watching a ton of Christmas movies.

Happy Friday, everyone!

[Peppermint mocha and fresh baked cookies with mom]

[Snowflake decor in the apartment]

[Free VS iPhone case I received during the trip to Belden]

[Time to put up the Christmas decor in my car]


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