goodbye, alliance!

And that’s a wrap! Another semester is complete. One of the best feelings is the feeling you get after completing your last research paper, turning in your final project and walking out of the classroom after you have just taken the final exam you studied hours upon hours for. While it was a great semester at Mount Union, I could not be more excited to forget about class work and celebrate the holidays with family and friends.

While it has now come to an end, I thought it would be fun to look back on some of my favorite memories from this semester at Mount.

  1. Move-in day: I felt so grown up moving into a “big girl apartment” this semester & I am so thankful for my roommates.
  2. Homecoming: A day complete with friends, tailgating, a photo booth and an exciting Purple Raiders’ football game.
  3. Horseback riding: White chocolate pumpkin spice lattes, long car rides, fall leaves and horseback riding made for the perfect fall day.
  4. Halloween party: Who doesn’t love Halloween themed bingo and treats?
  5. Chicago: Traveling to Chicago with fellow media students was the hi-light of my semester!

I had a great fall semester at Mount and I hope when I return, for my senior year, I make just as many wonderful memories. Goodbye, Alliance!


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