friday five

christmas cards

[Pinterest inspired Christmas card making]

This week was filled with nothing but holiday happiness. I have spent all of my free time on Christmas activities, and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Sometimes I think I actually love the days leading up to the holidays more than the actual holiday. The days are filled with such anticipation, excitement and love from family and friends. From crafting Christmas cards for family, to baking Christmas cookies with mom and grandma, to wrapping presents and setting them under the tree, I love everything involved with Christmas. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with nothing but love and holiday happiness. Make sure to take a moment to slow down, take a break from the insane rush involved with Christmas preparation, and enjoy the small pleasures that come along with the holiday. I hope that everyone has an absolutely wonderful Christmas!

Happy Friday!

christmas cookies

[Christmas cookie baking with mom]


[Wrapping Christmas presents with pretty bows as a finishing touch]

gingerbread girls

[One of my favorite Christmas traditions: decorating gingerbread girls]


[Warming up from the winter storm with hot chocolate]


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