friday five

christmas morning

[The cutest gift wrapping ever]

From the Christmas Sunday church service, to the family parties, to waking up Christmas morning and cuddling with mom on the couch, waiting for the rest of the family to wake up to open gifts, this Christmas meant so much to me. While the presents are exciting, and the dozens of Christmas cookies never disappoint, spending time with family is my absolute favorite part of the holidays. While everyone is always so busy with work, school and friends, Christmas always brings us together… if even just for a day!

This weekend I plan on spending time with my best friend, Olivia, who is visiting for the holidays, from South Carolina. She leaves in a few short days and I am looking forward to spending some much needed BFF time with her. Plans for ice skating, sledding and a game night are also in the works. I hope everyone is having a relaxing, fun break.

Happy Friday!

christmas rainboots

[Christmas rainboots]

christmas gifts

[Sporting a few Christmas gifts I LOVE for Italy!]


[The biggest bow goes on the cutest present :*)]


[Liv and I at a Christmas party]


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