& the journey starts… now!

going away partyToday’s the day; that “someday” that I have always dreamed about is here! The bags are packed, the boarding passes are printed, the countdown has ended. Today the journey starts. I know that the next five months will be five of the most challenging, exciting, amazing months of my life.

I had a great last day in the U.S. with my family. Church and a Panera breakfast (I will miss chai tea lattes & cinnamon crunch bagels a ton… but something tells me that the lattes and croissants in Italy won’t be such a bad replacement), followed with an evening of relaxing, a family dinner and watching the movie “Letters to Juliet.” I will miss family days so much while I am gone.

I could not have made it to this point without my family and friends. I am so blessed to have them in my life and am not sure how I will deal without seeing them for almost half a year. While I am very sad that I will miss my baby cousin’s first steps, family birthdays and goodnight hugs, I know that this will be the experience of a lifetime.

So, here I go. I leave for the airport in two short hours and I am giddy with excitement and nerves! I will do my best to blog as much as possible and keep everyone posted. And the journey starts… now! :)


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