weekend in viterbo

The weather this weekend was beautiful and today did not disappoint either. The sun has been making many appearances lately and I am loving every second of it. They say that February is the worst month in terms of weather in Viterbo, but I am hoping that we experienced the worst in January this year. Last Thursday it was 60 degrees! Sarah and I ran to the park and did a few laps around. It was so nice to just wear a hoodie, yogas and tennis shoes and not be freezing!

This past weekend was a lot of fun and I stayed right here in Viterbo. I thought I might get bored not traveling outside of Viterbo, but it was relaxing, fun and proved just how much I have left to discover about this quaint, enchanting city.

IMG_3340Friday morning Min and I went to a gelateria we found to get strawberry waffles for brunch. They were so refreshing and delicious.

In the afternoon we went to the hot springs with a few friends. We missed the bus by about 20 minutes, so instead of waiting another hour we took a taxi ride there, which was only about seven euros for a ten minute drive. The taxi driver dropped us off at the hot springs that you have to pay for and we had no idea where the free ones were. Thankfully, we had Nerea with us, a fellow study abroad student from Spain, and she was able to communicate with a local and ask her where the free hot springs were. The lady was so nice and told us to jump in and she would take us! So, the six of us crowded into her little car and she drove us there. It was not at all what I expected. There was nowhere to change and it was literally a huge hole in the ground, in the middle of a field, with steaming water. It was extremely awkward stripping down to our bathing suits since the Italians stare. A lot. We were told when we arrived here not to take any offense to the staring, that Italians are just curious. However, dying my hair brown and getting dark colored contact lenses, in attempt to blend in a little more, is a tempting thought. After getting past the staring, the rotten smell, and not questioning the extremely mushy substance at the bottom, the hot springs were so relaxing! We stayed for about two hours and then reluctantly jumped out and changed back into our clothes (imagine six girls holding up towels for eachother, hiding behind small plants, trying to change in front of fifteen staring Italians). We were not sure where the bus would pick us up and long story short… I have no doubt that the bus driver was doubled over laughing as he saw us in his rear-view mirror running down the road after him waving frantically to get his attention so we could hop on.

Friday and Saturday night my roommates and I went out at night for the first time in Viterbo. Heading out around 12 a.m. was a bit difficult for me, since I usually go to bed around 11 p.m., but hey, do as the Italians do, right? While I am not a big party girl, I had so much fun! All of us girls got fruity drinks and danced at a place called the “Book Bar.” A lot of students from our program were there, but we also got to meet a lot of local Italians! I only understood about two sentences that the Italians were saying, but they weren’t at all upset that I couldn’t communicate that easily. They actually taught me some phrases and words that they use.

sarah and meSarah and I walked up to the bar and asked for “a Blossom con no alcoholico” and the bar tender replied, “Oh my heart breaks! Per que no alcoholico?!” When we just laughed, he said, “OK, but next time… ALCOHOLICO!” He put bananas and strawberries in the frozen drink and it was delicious! It will most likely be my “go to” drink this semester.

I am so excited for this week because Dad surprised me and told me that he is coming to visit! He was asked to go to Germany for work, so he is going to stop in Italy before heading there. I can’t wait to show him around Viterbo and take him to a few of my favorite places!

Ciao for now!


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