for the birthday girl

happy birthday laur

Today is my best friend’s birthday and I wish more than anything that I could be there to celebrate with her. Since her birthday is on February 11th, here are 11 things that I love about Laur… although there are many, many more.

  1. She is always my “go-to” ice cream/froyo buddy in the summer
  2. With her, I have my own personal stylist and a fabulous second closet ;)
  3. She tries to hug you so tight, but is so fragile that it takes all her energy
  4. She is always up for shopping days & movie nights
  5. She will never send you “home” or try to win when playing a game because she feels bad
  6. We have a shared love of Friends and the Ellen show
  7. She has the kindest heart & is the most selfless person I know
  8. She would do anything to make me smile; even attend TWO Justin Bieber concerts with me ;)
  9. I can count on goodnight texts from her every single night
  10. She is constantly hiding quotes & notes in my books and around my room
  11. She is not just my sister, but my best friend and role model

Happy Birthday, Lauren Ashley! I love and miss you so much, birthday girl!


One response to “for the birthday girl

  1. i love you so much! i can’t believe a whole blog is for me:) you are too much:)! cut it out! ahahahahaha:) LYLAS:*)!!!!!!!!!!!!

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