day two in the city that always sparkles

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Day 2: Friday

  • Le Grenier a Pain bakery: I purchased a chocolate chip roll for breakfast and my first macaroon (a pink one!) to save for a mid-morning snack
  • Metro ride to Tuileries Garden: while the garden wasn’t really “alive” since it was winter, it was pretty nonetheless and I loved the surrounding palace and distant view of the Eiffel Tower, ferris wheel & Arc de Triomphe
  • The Louvre: While I was excited to see the famous Mona Lisa, I was very underwhelmed. It is actually very small and, compared to all of the other incredible paintings, to me it was not very impressive. However, it was still awesome to see! We walked around for over three hours, only seeing one small section in the Louvre!
  • Poor, traveling college student lunch: Kevin purchased an 80 cent French baguette and some cheese from the supermarket and we sat on a bus bench passing it around. It was the most fresh tasting baguette I have ever had! Very good.
  • Pont des Arts Bridge: This was definitely one of my favorite things in Paris. I was so excited to write my name on a lock, lock it to the bridge and toss the key in the Seine River. To all you cute French men, I’d greatly appreciate if you found that key ASAP ;).
  • Berthillon Ice Cream: I read in my Paris guide book that this ice cream was the absolute best ice cream in Paris, so we of course had to give it a try! I decided to go with a classic and picked chocolate. It was very thick, rich and delicious!
  • Notre Dame: Our next stop was the cathedral of Notre Dame, where we got to see the nine new bells the cathedral received in honor of its 850th birthday! The original bells were destroyed in the French Revolution and replaced by bells that were said to be very out of tune. Now, these new bells are replacing the 19th century bells. The bells will only be on display until February 25th and I thought it was so cool that I am one of the few thousand that will ever get to see the new bells!
  • Carousel & Eiffel Tower: We headed over to the Eiffel Tower next to make our way to the top! Since the line was a bit long, my friend Henal and I crossed the street to the beautiful carousel. I have seen the carousel in front of the Tower in pictures and have always dreamed of taking a ride. Afterwards, we took our places in line for the Tower. It was beyond worth the wait! I was so excited and the view of the city from the top is amazing. However, I preferred the view from the second level since it was easier to pick out favorite landmarks in the city!
  • Perfect ending to a perfect day: After the Eiffel Tower, my friend Kevin said, “Let’s end our night the right way and get some crepes!” We all burst into laughter. As if ending the night climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris wasn’t perfect enough. However, none of us argued as we headed over to the crepe stand, next to the carousel, and purchased heavenly Nutella banana crepes.

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