anything can happen in paris

I woke up early Saturday morning, wanting to take full advantage of my last day in Paris. First stop was the bakery for breakfast. I was sad that there were so many French pastries left to try and yet no more days left to try them, so I purchased an éclair along with my breakfast pastry to try later on in the day. (While walking down Champs Elysees Avenue, attempting to be a lady but failing miserably, I ended up shoving the DELICIOUS éclair in my mouth while cream was pouring out onto every inch of my face. A French man walks by laughing his head off, saying “Bon Appetit!” Cue embarrassed, red-faced Hannah.)

While the rest of the group wanted to do separate things, I decided to venture out on my own. I was a bit nervous at first, but I loved every single second of it. I felt like such a city girl, and so grown up, hopping the metros, with my vanilla chai tea latte in hand and camera in tow. I first went to the Arc de Triomphe and then walked up and down the most famous shopping street in Paris, Champs Elysees.

After a few hours of window shopping, picture taking and strolling the streets of Paris, I met up with my friend Tyler at the Eiffel Tower for a little photo shoot! He loves taking pictures and wants to be a professional photographer someday. We had fun joking around and snapping photos. There were people taking pictures of HIM taking pictures since he was lying in the busy streets for half of the shoot. Leave it to Tyler to “have to shoot from the perfect angle”…risking his life in the process. After the photo shoot I purchased my THIRD Nutella banana crepe (I told you I was obsessed!) and then headed to meet Kevin and Henal for some souvenir shopping and dinner. For dinner I wanted to try French Onion Soup. I would have never ordered this in America, but I wanted to try an authentic French dish. It was pretty good!

Kevin and Henal wanted to see the Arc de Triomphe and I wanted to make one last trip to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night, so we headed our separate ways. I hopped on the metro and when I arrived at the Tower I sat down on a nearby park bench. Eleven p.m. on the dot the Tower began to sparkle. I was so happy to be ending my trip with one last trip to the Eiffel Tower. Paris is something I will never forget for the rest of my life and will always be a reminder to me that no dream is too big.


5 responses to “anything can happen in paris

  1. i love this so much han! i tearded up so much over this blog! you are getting the experience of a lifetime! i love love love the video!

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