j’adore paris: where all my dreams came true

There are no words, images or videos that could possibly express how absolutely perfect, sparkly and beautiful Paris is. I felt as though all of my dreams came true the moment I arrived in the fairy tale city and saw the twinkling Eiffel Tower for the first time.

Day 1: Valentine’s Day

We started Valentine’s Day off with a visit to “Le Grenier a Pain,” the cutest little bakery a short walk from the apartment that we rented during our stay. The French man we rented from put together a little book for us with maps of the city and suggestions for places to eat, shop and visit. His bakery suggestion was my favorite, as I found myself there each morning testing out a different pastry.

After breakfast at the bakery we headed to see the Eiffel Tower. However, soon into our walk the group decided to stop since it was pouring down rain and we were soaked head to toe due to a huge truck that zoomed past us on the street. We hopped on the metro to do some shopping indoors instead. The street we found ourselves at was lined with tons of clothing shops. We stopped at a café where I had my first Nutella banana crepe. Big mistake. Huge. I am now seriously obsessed and found myself purchasing three more Nutella banana crepes within the next two days of my stay. Instead of pizzerias on ever corner like in Italy, France has crepe shops on every corner and I LOVE it!

After a full day of ducking into shops to keep out of the pouring rain and cold, we came across a Starbucks and were all so excited since Italy has no Starbucks, or such a thing as flavored drinks. I ordered a vanilla chai tea latte and have never loved it so much. I was just so excited to have something familiar from home I think… and something to warm me up from the cold!

That night the group wanted to get sushi for dinner, so I went along and got my first sushi. My first sushi? In Paris? Yes, I know. I ordered sushi with avocado and crab meat and surprisingly I really liked it!

I was a bit disappointed that we did not see much of Paris the first day, but when I think back on it now I am ashamed that I felt that way. How could I be disappointed? I was IN PARIS. That alone was such a blessing.

After dinner, Nicole, Caleb, their baby Lila, and I went to see the Eiffel Tower. I think that may have been the most special and memorable moment of my entire trip. I stood there in front of the Tower for the first time as it began to sparkle (which it does only the first five minutes of every hour) and felt like every dream I have ever had came true. It was my first real fairy tale moment. The Eiffel Tower sparkling is my favorite sight in the entire world. I promised myself that I would go see the Tower sparkle each night I was there.


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