under the tuscan sun… & rain

However exhausted I am left after a weekend of traveling, it is always beyond worth it. A total of ten hours of train time in two days took me from Viterbo to Siena, Siena to Pisa and Pisa back to Viterbo.

The trip started out a bit rocky as Dom, the friend I was traveling with, forgot his wallet on a train when we made a switch on the way to Siena. After about 15 minutes of panic and attempting to explain to the train officer his situation, he was then told that his wallet had been found and would be available for him to pick up in Orvieto. However, he was left without it for the remainder of our trip since the town was four hours in the opposite direction of our destination.

Everything went much smoother from there. When arriving in Siena, we saw there was a chocolate festival right in the middle of Piazza del Campo! But in an attempt to be healthy, I purchased a cup of delicious, fresh strawberries. Ok, fine. A cup of delicious, fresh strawberries with chocolate drizzled all over them. It’s still fruit though, right?

My favorite thing in Siena was the cathedral. You would think that after all of the cathedrals I’ve been to, at some point I would get bored, but I am always so impressed at how absolutely beautiful they are. The inside was incredible. With dark blue accents, lanterns with lit candles and a ceiling full of stars, I felt as though I stepped into a dream. Another amazing thing inside the cathedral was the “Libreria Piccolominea,” the most colorful room I have ever seen!

After exploring Sienna, Dom and I went to dinner where I had my first gnocchi! My favorite blogger, Emily Schuman (writer of Cupcakes and Cashmere), raved about the gnocchi she had in Siena when she traveled to Italy, so I wanted to give it a try! I am glad I did because it was really good and now I can say that I first had gnocchi in Italy!

After dinner we walked around Piazza del Campo a few times, enjoying the lit up piazza, brisk weather and the much needed walk before dessert! We then purchased gelato (what else) and walked around the city for a while longer before calling it a night.

Saturday morning we woke up, grabbed breakfast at a café and jumped on a train to Pisa! My favorite part of Pisa was the Leaning Tower – of course. Although many students say it’s “so touristy” to take the typical picture holding up or pushing down the tower, I was so excited to! It rained off and on but the weather was beautiful and the sun was trying it’s hardest for us, peeping out from behind the clouds from time to time.

I am so glad that I got to travel to Tuscany and am already looking forward to my next trip in just three days. Next stop: Sicily! …but first, sleep!!!


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