southern italy field study: naples & pompeii

I have been waiting anxiously since January for the Southern Italy Field Study and it surprisingly came so soon! Throughout this past week, I had the opportunity to visit Naples, Pompeii, Capri, Amalfi and Caserta. I was so excited to find what the south had to offer.

Day 1: Naples

A six a.m. wake up call, five hour bus ride, and a bus transfer later, we finally arrived in Naples around one p.m. Our first stop was a restaurant for the famous Margherita pizza for lunch. It was hands down the best pizza I have ever had! Ever. It was thicker than pizza in Viterbo and so fresh. A full, straight out of the oven, mouthwatering pizza was placed in front of each of us. Most of the students finished their entire pizza but no matter how delicious it was, I could only stuff myself with two large pieces. The boys were more than happy to take the rest off of my hands though.

The remainder of the afternoon and evening was spent with a tour of the city. We saw many piazzas, a pretty cathedral and an archaeological museum. One thing I noticed about the city was how much graffiti there was! It covers so much of the city. It is so sad that there are ugly markings covering beautiful fountains and buildings. We now have a two hour bus ride to our hotel in Sorrento. We are going to Pompeii tomorrow and I am most excited to hike Mt.Vesuvius!

Day 2: Pompeii

I just hiked up Mt. Vesuvius! I can’t believe that I can now say I climbed up a volcano in Pompeii! My first thought: freddo! Brrr. My second thought: bellissima! It was well worth the time and cold.

After breakfast at the hotel, we made our way to Pompeii and got to see the ancient ruins. It was really interesting to see the old town and get a glimpse into how they lived back then. We learned that since there was no drainage for rain or sewer water, the water ran down the deep sloping roads. The citizens used large rocks as crosswalks, so that they did not step in the dirty water. In the rocks on the side of the road, we saw holes cut out, which were used for “parking spaces.” The citizens would tie up their donkeys or horses there when they were going into a shop.

One difference I noticed today between Pompeii and Viterbo was the many, many orange and lemon trees lining the roads. Since the weather is warmer here, I am guessing that it provides more ideal weather for them to grow. It was so nice outside today and I hope the sun is shining again tomorrow!

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