happy birthday, sissy!

Happy Birthday Lindsey Nicole! :)

When thinking of Linds, the first words that come to mind are wild, rebel and “bad a”. Our family would not be complete without her. She is the one to make us laugh when we need it most and is constantly making my bad days better.

While Linds is all of the things mentioned above, she is also the most loyal girl I know. No matter what the circumstance, she has always stood behind me 100 percent. I have never had a second of doubt that she would be there for me. I have however been a bit scared for those that have hurt me, as Linds is always the first in line wanting to stick up for me. Have you seen this girl at the gym? She works out ;).

I have always admired Linds for her care-free attitude. She doesn’t worry about what people might say or what they think about her. She lives life fully and does what makes her happy.

Living with Linds, there’s never a dull moment in the Shaffer household. She is ALWAYS up for play time. I have so many fun memories with her, from our first concert together (Aaron Carter, of course), to late night talks in our room to crying our eyes out to each other on the phone, over boys, promising each other that a sister ice cream and movie night would make it all better. Our daily texts of jokes, and the most random conversations you can possibly think of, are one of the things I miss most while studying abroad in Italy.

I hope you have the best birthday, sisssser! Now hurry up and get your skittle bounce-able butt to Italy so we can celebrate with a week’s worth of gelato and chocolate waffles! :) I love you so much, birthday girl!


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