shaffer girls take italy: venice

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Thursday, April 4:

I can’t believe I’m in Venice with my sisters right now. I have been counting down the days until their arrival for months now. They’ve been in Italy for only a few hours and we’ve already had so much fun. When I first arrived at the train station in Venice, I was giddy with excitement. The countdown on my phone was alerting me that the event “SISTERS ARRIVE IN ITALY” was finally here. I had to hop on the water bus in order to get to the hotel. Although the ride to my stop was only a half hour long, it felt like five hours as I was so anxious to see my sisters and Val. I arrived at the hotel to find out that they did not yet arrive, so I did some exploring in the area. I was gone only five minutes when I decided to turn around. I headed back over a bridge that lead to our hotel to find three girls with large suitcases looking incredibly lost. I ran across the bridge and hugged them all at the same time as it was impossible to decide who to hug first.

Today we went on a gondola ride on the canals! Now I can cross one more thing off my Europe bucket list. It was even better than I imagined it would be. Linds got a chance to steer the gondola herself… or attempt to steer it anyways. Venice is so cute and it is amazing how the entire city is run by the waterways. I am so happy my sisters (and Val!) are here and am so, so excited for the next few days with them.

Saturday, April 6:

Yesterday it was pretty cold and raining non-stop in Venice. We had to walk on high boards to get across the piazzas since the water was so deep! Venice was literally under water. After breakfast we walked around and a bit and warmed up at a cafe with some hot chocolate. Me and Linds got Nutella crepes for lunch (Linds’ first one!). After the girls got caught up on some much needed sleep (I give them props for doing so well since I felt so tired for a week after I first arrived in January) we went to explore a little more of Venice. We came across the cutest bakeries, bridges and waterways. We stopped at a pizzeria along the way for dinner. Despite the cold, we grabbed gelato for dessert before heading back to the hotel for the night. This time I tried frutta di bosco (wildberry). I absolutely loved Venice and am so happy I got to experience it with Laur, Linds and Val. Now we are on our way to our next destination! Next stop: Florence!


5 responses to “shaffer girls take italy: venice

  1. we made the blog!!!!!!!!!! :)))) i think you loved my backpack! i see you snuck some pics of it:*) i love you so much!!!! i want to come back:)!

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