field trip fun

The past two weekends the USAC program set up field trips for us! Our first field trip was to Cascata delle Marmore, Marmore Waterfalls. These are man-made waterfalls, created by the ancient Romans. It is the tallest man-made waterfall in the world, coming in at 541 feet tall. As it turned to Spring literally overnight in Viterbo, we had perfect weather. That morning was the most peaceful one I’ve had in Italy. It was so nice to be outside, enjoying the sun. After the waterfalls we went to Lago di Piediluco, Piedluco Lake. We had lunch by the water and relaxed on the docks in the sunshine for the rest of the afternoon.

It was mom’s birthday that day and although I had a great day, I was anxious to get back to Viterbo and call her. I really miss mom and the first thing I’m doing when arriving back in the States is giving her the biggest hug possible.

This past weekend we went to a city called Capalbio. We first checked out the town and then we went to the beach for the afternoon! I underestimated the Italian sun and am now a burnt little lobster, but I had a lot of fun laying out on the beach and relaxing. After the beach we went to the Tarot Garden! The garden, which has 22 sculptures based on tarot cards, was built by Niki de Saint de Phalle. Her goal was to create a “small Eden” and she was inspired by Park Guell in Barcelona (which is where I will be going later on this week!). She actually lived in the garden while she was building it!

I am so happy we have been having such beautiful weather. I have been spending most days in the park, going for runs, reading and working on drawings for art class. Flowers are blooming everywhere. I love springtime in Italy!


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