san pellegrino flower festival

Today was such a great spring day in Viterbo. The weather got up to 80 degrees outside! I woke up, had breakfast and headed to my last Travel Writing class to hand in my portfolio and take my final exam. After class I met Henal and we went to the San Pellegrino Flower Festival, which is to celebrate the start of the season! It was absolutely beautiful and made me so happy! Every piazza and street we entered was filled with hundreds of different, colorful flowers. Whenever the wind blew you could smell the fresh flowers. Lauren’s favorite, hydrangeas, were everywhere! She would have loved it. I wish she could have came to the festival!

After the festival I went to the new gelataria that I have been wanting to go to. It opened a few weeks back and I always kept telling myself “Oh, I’ll have to go soon!” However, I realized that “soon” I will be going home!!! I don’t know where the time went. It flew by so quickly. I can’t believe I only have three full days left in Viterbo. There are so many little spots left to explore and cute little restaurants to try and gelato flavors left to taste! While I have been missing my family so much at home, I all of a sudden wish I could stay for a few more months! Today I don’t want to leave at all.

At the gelateria, called Crema and Cioccolata, I ordered a crepe with cookie and mint flavored gelato. I was expecting a nutella crepe with a scoop of gelato on top, but instead they made the crepe and put the scoops of gelato inside and folded it up. While the gelato melted everywhere and was a big puddle, it was still delicious and refreshing after walking around in the hot sun!

After my yummy crepe I walked back to the apartment to pack for my trip to London and Amsterdam tomorrow! Then I grabbed my final projects that I have been working on and headed to art class to hand them in and show my teach my portfolio.

I wish time would slow down and that the next ten days would go by slowly, but at the same time I am anxious to be with my family and friends at home. This experience has been so amazing and I can’t wait to make even more memories and experience the world further within the next few days. I better go since I have an early wake-up call tomorrow to catch a train to the airport. London’s calling! Maybe we will see the Queen!


One response to “san pellegrino flower festival

  1. what??! i didn’t know you were leaving for london tomorrow! omg! i can’t even take all of the hydrangeas:)! i guess it is a good thing you are going to london tomorrow i was seriously considering taking a friday night flight to get there saturday am for the flower festival! it is soo pretty! :*)

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