90’s girls

How many girls can say that their summer kicked off hearing Nick Lachey, and the rest of the 98 Degrees crew, belt out “Sunshine After the Rain”? When news broke that 98 Degrees would be reuniting for a summer concert tour, my sister Lindsey and I bought tickets as a birthday gift for our older sister Lauren. While it was a gift for Laur, all three of us had so much fun singing along to some of our favorite 90’s hits.

Boyz ll Men opened the show and, even though we weren’t familiar with most of their songs, we loved watching them bust out old-school dance moves and woo the crowd. We were also highly entertained by all of the 40-50 year old women around us, singing their hearts out, dancing along with the “boyz.”

98 Degrees was up next and we screamed until our throats were sore when we laid eyes on singer Nick Lachey. The temperature in the room definitely went up a notch. I’d say it was… hmm, about 98 degrees, and rising. What girl wouldn’t get excited seeing the 90’s heartthrob? My favorite song the group sang was “Sunshine After the Rain” (check out the video below)!

After 98 Degrees left the stage, we headed towards home and stopped for Blizzards from DQ on the way (have you tried the new S’mores Blizzard yet?! To say I am addicted is a little bit of an understatement). It was a perfect summer night spent with my sisters and best friends. 16 days and counting until our next summer concert: Miss Taylor Swift! :)



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