“It seems like one of those nights we ditch the whole scene and up dreaming instead of sleeping…” And that’s exactly what happened Saturday night at the Taylor Swift RED concert!

The RED concert was my third Taylor Swift concert. I have also seen her during her Fearless and Speak Now tours! The sold out concert took place at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. Taylor has and will always be my favorite singer. She is not just a singer, she is a performer. She is always so entertaining as her sets are filled with talented dancers, extravagant costumes and breathtaking backdrops and fun stage props.

Taylor always starts off by saying, “Hi, I’m Taylor!” …as if the 57,000 fans in the stadium didn’t know. She is so humble. When she asked who has seen her in concert before, thousands of us screamed and threw up our hands, to which she replied by saying, “Well thank you for coming back! I’ve missed you terribly.”

Circus men on stilts, sparkly red shoes and fireworks were only a few of the things that made the night so fun. After the concert, Laur, Linds and I stopped at Eat’n Park for some pancakes since it felt “like the perfect night for breakfast at midnight” (for any non-Taylor fans, listen to her song “22” and you’ll understand ;)).

The RED concert was something I’ll always remember and most definitely my favorite night of the summer so far!


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