making mount memories

“Honey, I really don’t think running tomorrow is a good idea when you’re sick.”
“Mom, I’ll be fine!”
“Do you want your cold to turn into pneumonia? You may want to re-think the race tomorrow.”
“I’m running tomorrow, Dad. It will be fine.”

OK, so maybe parents do know best. As usual, I decided to stick with my stubborn attitude and run in the Run-A-MUC, despite coming down with a bad cold. Run-A-MUC is a 5k race that takes place each year on Homecoming weekend at Mount Union. I had promised my roommates that I would run in the 3.1 mile race with them and signed up a few weeks back. When I became sick this week, I was determined to keep my commitment. I woke up at 7 a.m., forced down medicine, bundled with lots of layers and laced up my tennis shoes. My roommates and I then made the trek to the gym to register, get our numbers and stretch before we began. At 8 a.m. MUCaw (our mascot) gave us the signal to start and away we went! The 30 degree weather and wind were workin’ against me, and it was more of a struggle than I thought it would be, but I finished in 27 minutes. Not too shabby for a sick girl… or for it being the first race I ever entered! However, sick Hannah hated me for it. 3.1 miles completed = continuous runny nose, uncontrollable coughing, dizzy head… and the list goes on. Alright mom and dad, you told me so!

After the race we went back to the apartment to shower and get ready for the rest of the day! No time for naps. I dressed in my Raider gear (six layers of Raider gear to be exact) and headed to tailgating with my friends. Soon enough, Laur, Dad and Valerie were here for the football game! I was so excited for some of my family to come for a visit.

Saying that it was freezing outside would be an understatement. It was unbearably cold and the wind did not help whatsoever. I think knowing I was sick and a bit miserable, Dad was all for leaving the football game soon after it started, but since he had just payed for tickets, I promised myself I would stick it out until half-time! But trust me, when there was 30 seconds left on the clock, we made a run for it. After the game we went to Panera Bread for a late lunch. We grabbed a booth near the fireplace and purchased warm “chocolate chipper” cookies before we left (if you have not tried Panera’s chocolate chip cookies you have not yet lived)!

After my family left I took a warm shower, slipped into sweats, lit some candles and layed down to watch a few episodes of Once Upon a Time on Netflix (a recent new obsession that I highly recommend). When all my friends returned from dinner and outings with their families, we decided to have a game night. We played Catch Phrase for over an hour and had so much fun.

Even with a runny nose, insistent coughing, cold weather and wind, I had such a fun weekend with family and friends. Exhausting, yes, but memory-filled nonetheless. These are the times that I will miss so much after graduation in the spring.


Dear Hannah...

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