monthly memories: november

Wait, today is the last day of November?! How did that happen? I’m pretty darn sure it was just yesterday that my Christmas countdown said 68 days, my baby brother was still a teenager and the leaves on the trees were just starting to change colors. Oh, there’s now 24 days until Christmas? My baby brother is not such a baby anymore? Oh, that’s right… I guess I was around when we were just snowed in with a surprise winter storm. While November went by in the blink of an eye, it was filled with so many fun moments! Some of my favorite monthly memories include:

  • Playing in the leaves with my puppy, Baylor
  • Celebrating with my brother for his 20th birthday
  • Being on air at the Fox 8 News station
  • Dancing the night away with my best friends
  • Going to see Catching Fire on opening weekend (the odds were SO in my favor – we had great seats!)
  • Watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade with my BFF (you’ve checked out her blog already, right?)
  • Going to see Catching Fire over Thanksgiving Break with mom & Laur (yes, I’ve seen it twice.. no, I’m not promising I won’t see it a third time)

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time for Christmas music, decorating and tons of holiday happiness! Happy [almost] December, everyone!


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