christmas fun, not frustration

This time of year is often not only filled with love and fun, but with stress and frustration. Between hectic Christmas shopping, busy roadways and crazy crowds, it can be easy to turn into a Christmas Grinch. However, if you slow down and realize what’s most important – you can see that the holiday season is an opportunity to set aside daily routines, carry out holiday traditions and spend quality time with family and friends. Be the one to spread holiday cheer this year in the midst of all the Grinches!

This past week has been packed with Christmas fun, including: 

  1. Making Christmas cards for family and friends – quiet weekend morning, snow falling outside, Christmas Pandora station playing, hot chocolate nearby… it was the perfect time for holiday crafting (Checked off my “Holiday Hopes” list!)
  2. Testing lights for our Christmas tree – plugging in the first strand is always a magical moment
  3. Visiting a Christmas tree farm – Second check off of my Holiday Hopes list! Our feet were numb from walking through the snow at the Christmas tree farm, but we got to cozy up together with a mug of hot chocolate afterwards
  4. Playing with Benny (Baylor’s brother) in the snow – the pups always seem to turn into bunnies when it snows, bouncing through inches of fluffy white powder

This past week I also made Christmas cookies at grandma’s house, played Christmas duck duck goose while babysitting (apparently you say every Christmas-related term in place of “duck” and “goose,” and just assume your babysitter knows when she’s supposed to start chasing you), attended the Christmas concert at church and did some last minute gift shopping. Ice skating , decorating gingerbread snowflakes and a viewing of Elf are on the agenda next. I LOVE the holidays!

How are you spending the holiday season? Do you have any favorite Christmas traditions?


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