gifts for the bride & groom

As I have mentioned before, my best friend, Emily, is getting married this year (cue squeals of excitement and a smile two miles long)! I’ve been thinking of possible wedding gifts I could purchase, but a blender or vacuum just don’t seem quite personal (or fun) enough. However, I’ve recently stumbled across a few adorable and unique things that I think Emily and her soon-to-be hubs would love!

P.S. Em, if you’re reading this – stop right there missy! No scrolling down! xo

mr. and mrs.

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Mugs: For a couple that loves coffee, but doesn’t share the same love for mornings, I know these would start their day off with a smile.
  2. Personalized Calendar: How fun would it be to look back on your dating years during the first year of marriage? Don’t forget to schedule in the couple’s first date, engagement date & any other dates close to their heart.
  3. Hand Stamped Spoons: Sometimes it’s necessary to have a cute little reminder of how much you are loved over a bowl of cereal or oatmeal before you head off for your big day in the “real world.”
  4. Custom Chevron Passport Covers: These cute passport covers can only add to the couple’s giddiness as they set off for their honeymoon! You can even personalize them with “Mr.” and “Mrs.”
  5. The First Year Of: There are 12 envelopes (one for each month of the first year) including cards with instructions for an activity the couple can do together. This would allow them to take a break from daily routines and keep things fun!



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