room design: college edition

room 1No matter how small the space, it’s possible to transform it into your new favorite hangout! Going off to college has forced me to get creative with tiny desks and stuffy little rooms. My room at Mount Union is my go-to spot for relaxation, time away from class work and stress, and most importantly inspiration and boosts of creativity.

room 3 There are many Pinterest DIY projects in my room (see my boards here), including mod-podge clothes pins and scalloped ribbon to hang pictures from, fabric-covered cork boards – with an addition of pockets and pink jewels of course – and shadow boxes of my study abroad adventures! In horror of a long black cable cord that runs through the room, pink confetti rugs came to the rescue. Twinkling lights and candles always set the relaxed mood and my newest, favorite addition is a poster (ordered from here) of a picture taken in Paris last Valentine’s Day!

room 2 How are you getting creative with small spaces? Are there any DIY projects you’ve been dying to try?


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