guatemala: day 5

March 5: Day 5

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Today I got traded to another team. I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but it went great! The mix of team members was fun and I got to work with people I haven’t yet. I worked at the second location, which my pulsing sunburn was so thankful for since it is mostly in the shade.

I got to meet Miguel, the main worker at the second site, who has learned to speak English. He is so kind and anxious to learn more. Miguel has a honey business on the side and brought some for us to try! He talked about how expensive it was to make this one jar and then gave it to us to keep and eat. The people here are so generous when they have next to nothing. We brought it back to Petrona’s house with us to share with everyone at breakfast the next morning. The honey was delicious!

The work day was filled with more digging – but it was fun! I participated in the 30-second challenge, where you shovel as much dirt as possible in 30 seconds. I shoveled 24 times and came in second to last, but I don’t think I let the team down too bad. I love the entire group that came on the trip. They make long work days fun and everyone has such a desire to make a difference.

Today we had to carry blocks from the second work site (which is all down hill) to the first work site, which may not sound like a lot unless you know how steep it is and how much energy and strength it takes to walk up to the top without any heavy cinder blocks. I have so much respect for Paulina. She was carrying two blocks at a time – on her head! She is such a hard worker and I was embarrassed for complaining about how tough it was.

This morning we went on a sunrise hike. While the sun didn’t make an appearance, the hike still provided fresh air, exercise and more pretty views of San Juan and Lake Atitlan. It was well worth the 5:30 a.m. wake-up call.


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