guatemala: day 6

March 6: Day 6

Today was my second day at the shady location. The day consisted of more raking and digging a three foot trench. Everyone was super tired today. Even though we’re running low on energy, everyone’s staying positive. I never thought I would use a pickaxe in my life, but never say never, right?

I had an empanada for lunch today. It wasn’t my favorite thing ever because it was so hot outside and it was a bit heavy, but I followed it up with some refreshing fruit. I asked Miguel about his favorite fruit and he told me he loves oranges because they give him vitamin C, grapes because they help his skin and peaches because they are full of fiber for his body. He then asked me what my favorite fruit was and why. I didn’t want to answer “strawberries and pineapples because they are delicious!” I thought his perspective was so interesting! The Mayan culture is all about nature and how it helps them and how they can in turn take care of it. I think often our relationship with the world is take, take, take. It’s all about what we can get out of it and ways that we can benefit. I can learn a lot from the Mayan culture and their appreciation for nature.

This week we have been telling our life stories among our group. I’ve realized that I can connect with many of the girls in the group. It’s crazy how little you know about a person until you ask them a simple question or show interest in their life. I have grown closer with and learned so much with Jenny this week. Jenny is from the Basque Country in Spain. She moved to Alliance for the year to be a Spanish TA at Mount Union. She is so patient with us all as we ask her 500 times a day “Como se dice…”, “What did she just say?”, “Can you tell her…” I am in Guatemala learning about the Mayan culture, while also learning so much about the Spanish/Basque culture as well. It’s so interesting and gives me such a different perspective on things. I love the relationships we’re building here.


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